Field school

The Institute of Peruvian Studies (IEP), one of the most prestigious research institutions on the social sciences in Latin America, announces the third season of its international field FIFA PS3 Coins FIFA IOS Coins Fifa coins school in archaeological methods "Peruvian Central Coast".

Based on the beach town of Punta Hermosa, the "Instituo de Estudios Peruanos" field school offers training in mapping, recording and excavation techniques in the field as well as basic training via onsite workshops on statistical sampling in archaeology , bioarchaeological analysis, ceramic analysis and cataloguing, and lithic analysis.

Field work will be done at the archaeological site of Panquilma, a XII-XVI century's pre-Hispanic community located in the hinterland of one of the most important religious centers of the Andean coast: Pachacamac. Panquilma is a multicomponent site composed by monumental, household and funerary remains. Field work during the 2012 season will pursue the excavation of a sample of each one of these fifa coins Fut 15 coins Fut 15 coins components aiming to reconstruct ritual activities associated with monumental architecture, daily domestic activities in household remains as well as funerary behaviors in the cemetery sector of the site.



Proyecto del Instituto de Estudios Peruanos