Come to learn
Field Methods

And experiencie the Andean past and present

Visit the most important
Archaeological sites
of the region

Guided visits to sites in the region and to other archaeological projects.

Workshop on statistical
Sampling Methods
in Archeaology

We will also cover basic notions of exploratory statistics.

Amazing lodging
facilities infront
of the pacific ocean

Training in
Bioarchaeological Research

Experiencia the extraordinary preservation conditions on the Peruvian central coast.

Participate at our
anual symposium

Participate at our annual symposium at the Society for American Archaeology meetings.

Our Programs

Archaeological Field Methods

Field work will be done at the archaeological site of Panquilma, a XII-XVI century's pre-Hispanic community located in the hinterland of one of the most important religious centers of the Andean coast: Pachacamac.

Bioarchaeological Analysis

Based on the beach town of Punta Hermosa, our Bioarchaeological Analysis Program offers training in statistical sampling in archaeology, ceramic analysis and cataloguing, lithic analysis and an intensive preparation in Bioarchaeological Analysis.

Enrollment Process